"The themes of TnR's songs are familiar: desire, need, art, vice, lust, love, excess, obsession and the seeming inevitability of it all." Rob Amerman

Tagged an enigma, since 2000 Freel Freine has amassed a catalog of an off-the-grid brand of rock and roll. Existensial soundscapes that lure in the objective ear and and strike a nerve in a common conscience.

Following his solo double album debut PUNK BLUES in Fall of 2000, Freel began producing new material under the guise of Trash and Roll. Beginning with a EP- by 2002 Trash and Roll evolved into a band with an indelible presence on the music scene of Eureka, CA. The sum of the year's loose grit yielded
Call It What You Want, recorded in a meat locker.
In Summer 2004, a new spirited incarnation cut the High Hopes/Blue Rita 7 '' at Freel's home- the White House. After another year of enthusiastic shows, the lively second album, appropriately titled Trash and Roll Over, was finished in June of 2005.
Now a duo, Freel Freine and Jon Pyle immediately began recording again. New songs like Heroine Pig and Union Threat, exhibited a distinct transition from the previous record. They had enveloped an ethereal soul into their roadhouse jangle sound, ultimately resulting in ZED. By the time it hit the streets, Freel and Jon had assembled yet another line-up, bringing in Pete Ciotti on drums.
Throughout 2006 they experimented with the instrumentation of the live show with a revolving cast of players, sometimes three or four guitarists, sometimes acoustic. Their perseverance brought Tripped Gypsy, the fourth full length effort, dense with organs and triumphant melodies. At this time, Dave Longstreth stepped in on bass, offering new possibilitites to the arrangements and the live forum.
After a string of shows in 2007, a new and fatalistic record, The Last Trip arrived- with overflowing themes of escapism.
As the year came to a close, so did an era of defiant music making on the north coast of California.
Freel barrelled down to Florida, where he spent Spring and Summer of 2008 creating the humid and hypnotique        SHOOT THE MOON.
A new phase still true to the TNR asthetic.
Since it's onset, the insistant focus has always been on writing and recording songs. For the past ten years the relentless revival has endured.
Now operating from Minnesota, Freel returns as the             one-man-band with his latest offering-
THE DEATH VALLEY ANALOGUE, recorded this past Winter.  Chronicles of a continually drifting American experience-   

Widening the aim to seek new curious audiences, the mysterious future unfolds the prospect that the best work has yet to come.
Roll On-